Sneak Preview of The Greatest Migration

Join us Wednesday, November 10th at KEEN headquarters in Portland!

WHAT: The Greatest Migration Sneak Preview - Celebrate Snake River salmon, enjoy FREE beverages and appetizers and gear giveaways from KEEN and more! BYOC - Help reduce waste and remember to bring your own cup! 

WHEN: Wednesday, November 10 from 7 to 9 p.m. 

WHERE: KEEN HQ - 926 NW 13th Avenue, PDX 97209 

WHO: EP Films, a PDX-based production company, Save Our Wild Salmon and Keen Footwear

top.five.neilOn Wednesday, November 10, in conjunction with the conservation filmmakers of EP Films and Save Our Wild Salmon, KEEN Footwear will present a sneak preview of a new film about the one-of-a-kind migration of the Snake River's endangered wild salmon.

"The outdoor industry is not only inspired by wild places. We take an active role in protecting them," says Chris Enlow, Care and Community Manager of KEEN. "The Columbia River is in our backyard and it's imperative that we speak up for wild salmon. If we lost them, we would lose a crown jewel of our ecosystem."

The film, The Greatest Migration, follows the journey of these remarkable fish, who migrate farther inland and higher than any other salmon on Earth, making their way from the waters of southeast Alaska to the cold, wild rivers of Idaho’s Sawtooth Valley.

“Before we started filming, I had no idea the awesome feats these animals tackle to survive. Making this film was humbling." EP conservation filmmaker Andy Maser said. "I feel so incredibly lucky to be working on this issue. I certainly hope that this opportunity to get up close and personal and document their final journey home will help ensure their return from the Endangered Species List.”

Watch The Greatest Migration trailer.

EP and Save Our Wild Salmon will officially premiere The Greatest Migration at the 2011 Wild & Scenic Film Festival in January. 

Hungry for more inspiring films now? Check out Wild & Scenic on tour on November 11 at the Bagdad Theatre in PDX.

Contact: Emily Nuchols, or 360.510.8696

One of a Kind

The wild salmon and steelhead of central Idaho, southeastern Washington, and northeastern Oregon are an incredible story of nature that began over 100 million years ago.  When dinosaurs roamed the earth, salmon were swimming in our waters. The journey through time and the heroic lives of Snake River salmon make them one of a kind.

Salmon and steelhead are the only freshwater fish in the world that are born in a mountain lake or river, swim hundreds of miles downstream to live in the ocean, then turn and swim back upstream to reach the very place they were born.

Snake River salmon travel more than 900 miles inland and climb almost 7,000 feet to reach their spawning grounds – the highest salmon spawning habitats on earth, and the largest and wildest habitat left in the continental United States.  

No other salmon species on this planet goes higher and farther.

More on the One of a Kind Project here.


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