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Save Our Wild Salmon

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July 12, 2024

E&E News: Columbia River Treaty deal would boost US energy capacity

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The Biden administration said its preliminary agreement with Canada signals on a 20-year treaty would include Canada giving up some of its claim on hydropower generation. By JENNIFER YACHNIN Jul 11, 2024 The United States would see an immediate bump in its… Read More
July 12, 2024

HCN: Nez Perce energy transition to save salmon

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The tribe is working to replace the generating capacity of the Lower Snake River dams with solar power Nimiipuu Energy © Mezia Creative Media Emily SenkoskyJuly 1, 2024 If you drive east on Highway 95 through the Idaho Panhandle, the Clearwater River will be… Read More
July 12, 2024

Seattle Times: Record sockeye salmon run on Columbia now threatened by hot water

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July 11, 2024By Lynda V. Mapes Smashing records, sockeye salmon are booming up the Columbia River, in a run expected to top 700,000 fish before it’s over. But a punishing heat wave has made river temperatures so hot many may never make it their last miles… Read More
July 12, 2024

Idaho Statesman: Northwest U.S., Canada reach vital Columbia River pact. Some worry it’s not enough to protect salmon

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Grand Coulee Dam ©Peter Marbach By Annette CaryJuly 11, 2024 Kennewick, WA The United States and Canada have reached an agreement in principle to modernize the 1964 Columbia River Treaty that has governed hydropower operations and management of flood risks on… Read More
July 12, 2024

OPB: US would keep more hydropower under agreement with Canada on treaty governing Columbia River

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Hugh Keenleyside Dam on Lower Arrow Lake © Peter Marbach By Gene Johnson (Associated Press)July 11, 2024 The U.S. and Canada said Thursday they have agreed to update a six-decade-old treaty that governs the use of one of North America’s largest rivers, the… Read More
June 19, 2024

The Lewiston Tribune: Report: Dams hurt salmon and tribes

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Biden administration also created the Columbia River Task Force to implement efforts to restore fish population By Eric Barker Jun 19, 2024 The Biden Administration took multiple steps Tuesday to make good on its commitment to honor tribal treaty rights and… Read More
June 19, 2024

The New York Times: Federal Dams Harm Native American Communities, U.S. Acknowledges

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In a report released Tuesday, the Biden administration said that federal dams in the Columbia River Basin had inflicted damage on local communities, and committed to restoring native fish to the ecosystem. By Livia Albeck-RipkaJune 18, 2024 The federal… Read More

Jun 18, 2024 - AP News: US acknowledges Northwest dams have devastated the region’s Native tribes

Jun 18, 2024 - Seattle Times: Biden administration acknowledges harms of Columbia River dams on Indigenous people

Apr 22, 2024 - Seattle Times Guest Opinion: ‘Every part of this soil is sacred’: Restore respect for our shared home

Apr 3, 2024 - Seattle Times: Extinction risk to southern residents orcas accelerating as researchers raise alarm

Feb 23, 2024 - NWNews: Tribes, governments sign historic agreement that's a 'path forward' for salmon, dams

Feb 23, 2024 - AP News: White House, tribal leaders hail ‘historic’ deal to restore salmon runs in Pacific Northwest

Feb 23, 2024 - E&E News: White House celebrates $1B deal to save Columbia River Basin salmon

Feb 23, 2024 - Seattle Times: PNW tribal nations, states sign historic Columbia Basin agreement with U.S.

Jan 31, 2024 - Lewiston Morning Tribune: Dam deal’s in eye of beholder

Jan 16, 2024 - KUOW: 'They're our relatives.' Samish Indian Nation prepares to welcome new orca calf to Puget Sound

Jan 2, 2024 - The Oregonian: Efforts of tribes pay off in historic agreement on Snake River dam removals

Dec 18, 2023 - High Country News: Lower Snake River dams closer to coming down with new agreement

Dec 18, 2023 - NPB: Historic agreement seen as a harbinger to Snake River dam removal

Dec 15, 2023 - Lewiston Tribune: It’s official: Dam agreement announced

Dec 15, 2023 - Lewiston Tribune: Salmon and dam agreement formally announced, features $1 billion in federal funds and pause on lawsuits

Dec 15, 2023 - Seattle Times: Biden administration promises $1 billion more for salmon, clean energy — but punts on Lower Snake River dam removal in major agreement

Dec 15, 2023 - NPR: Tribes celebrate historic deal with White House that could save Pacific Northwest salmon

Dec 15, 2023 - AP News: Conservationists, tribes say deal with Biden administration is a road map to breach Snake River dams

Dec 15, 2023 - E&E News: White House pledges $1B to restore Pacific Northwest salmon, steelhead

Dec 15, 2023 - Tri-City Herald: ‘Historic’ Columbia River agreement called ‘roadmap’ to breaching Snake River dams

Dec 13, 2023 - The Spokesman-Review: Cantwell, Risch urge Biden, Trudeau to prioritize negotiations on critical Columbia River Treaty provisions

Nov 30, 2023 - AP: Leaked document says US is willing to build energy projects in case Snake River dams are breached

Nov 9, 2023 - CBC News: Sinixt want a say in Columbia River Treaty renegotiations

Nov 5, 2023 - Global News: First Nations in B.C. seek salmon return to Columbia Basin in new treaty with U.S

Nov 3, 2023 - NWNews: Tribal members gather to demand the federal government uphold treaty obligations, protect salmon

Nov 3, 2023 - Seattle Times: Northwest Tribes build momentum in large gathering for dam removal, salmon restoration

Oct 25, 2023 - Vancouver Sun: Drought reveals cracks in Canada-U.S. Columbia River Treaty as B.C. lake dries up

Oct 19, 2023 - Spokesman-Review: ‘Unusually large’ toxic algal bloom covers 30-mile stretch of the Lower Snake River

Oct 13, 2023 - KUOW: Large Snake River toxic algal bloom hasn’t happened before

Oct 12, 2023 - Seattle Times: Tribe catches coho salmon on free-flowing Elwha River, a first since dam removals

Oct 2, 2023 - Lewiston-Tribune: Demonstrators gather for a free-flowing Snake River

Sep 28, 2023 - Spokesman Review: ‘This is historic’: Biden orders whole-of-government effort to restore salmon in Columbia, Snake rivers

Sep 27, 2023 - Seattle Times: President Biden calls for abundant salmon in Columbia, Snake rivers

Sep 26, 2023 - Lewiston Tribune: Feds back tribal-led salmon campaign

Sep 1, 2023 - Spokesman-Review: Federal government, salmon advocates agree to continue talks that could lead to breaching Snake River dams

Sep 1, 2023 - Lewiston Tribune: Parties seek extension in dams debate

Sep 1, 2023 - Seattle Times: Dam removal still on table as settlement talks over Lower Snake River operations continue

Aug 28, 2023 - Seattle Times: Celebrating the life of Tokitae the orca on San Juan Island

Aug 4, 2023 - Lewiston Tribune: Snake River sockeye run sputters

Jul 24, 2023 - Lewiston Tribune: Sockeye begin epic Northwest journey

Jul 19, 2023 - Lewiston Tribune: Dam Study: More research required

Jun 27, 2023 - Spokesman-Review: Environmentalists, politicians clash over Republican hearing to defend Snake River dams

Jun 21, 2023 - Seattle Times: The massive dam removal on the Klamath may save salmon but can’t solve the West’s water crisis

Jun 14, 2023 - Seattle Times: As the West’s dam removal movement presses on, could the Lower Snake be next?

May 22, 2023 - Northwest Public Broadcasting: PNW artists’ work evokes salmon to educate, inspire change

May 18, 2023 - Public News Service: Historic Step Forward for Snake River Dam Replacement in WA Budget

Apr 26, 2023 - Spokesman-Review: This year’s return could be one of the smallest on record, and it appears there are a number of factors at play

Apr 20, 2023 - Columbia Basin Bulletin: As Expiration Date Nears, U.S., Canada Pushing To Finish Columbia River Treaty Negotiations By June; Uncertainty Over Future Operations A Motivator

Apr 13, 2023 - Idaho News 6: Idaho Youth head to U.S. Capitol to protect Salmon and Steelhead

Apr 10, 2023 - Columbia Basin Bulletin: Canada, U.S. Meet For 16th Round Of Columbia River Treaty Negotiations; Biden, Trudeau Issue Statement

Apr 3, 2023 - Lewiston Tribune: Anti-dam overtakes listening session

Mar 27, 2023 - Spokesman-Review: Washington expected to have a limited spring chinook season

Mar 24, 2023 - Lewiston Tribune: Bills unveiled to save Snake River dams

Mar 21, 2023 - Lewiston Tribune: President Biden pledges support for efforts to restore salmon runs on the Snake and Columbia rivers

Mar 16, 2023 - Public News Service: In DC, Focus on Fish, NW Energy Grid

Mar 15, 2023 - Seattle Times: WA teen keeps youth at root of environmental movement

Feb 13, 2023 - Spokesman-Review: Overall run forecast calls for more fish than last year; numbers on the Snake River are down slightly

Feb 9, 2023 - Salmon deplete fat stores while stopped at dams, study shows

Dec 1, 2022 - Spokesman-Review: Northwest Tribal leaders welcome Biden’s new commitments at Tribal Nations Summit

Nov 18, 2022 - Seattle Times: ‘Momentous:’ Feds advance largest dam demo in US history

Nov 17, 2022 - Seattle Times: 5 exhibitions to see during Native American Heritage Month

Nov 1, 2022 - OPB: Hundreds of gallons of oil leak into Snake River from Little Goose Dam

Oct 7, 2022 - KUOW: Salmon advocates ask to include healthy ecosystems in Columbia River Treaty

Oct 3, 2022 - OPB: Federal report recommends removing four Lower Snake River dams to protect salmon

Sep 26, 2022 - OPB: The racism, and resilience, behind today’s Pacific Northwest salmon crisis

Sep 23, 2022 - The Lewiston Tribune: Speaking up for salmon

Sep 23, 2022 - Capital Press: Q&A: Simpson continues to push lower Snake River dam plan

Sep 20, 2022 - The Capital Press: Environmental groups urge update of Columbia River Treaty

Aug 31, 2022 - New York Times: Breaching Dams ‘Must Be an Option’ to Save Salmon, Washington Democrats Say

Aug 29, 2022 - AP News: Columbia River's Salmon Are at the Core of Ancient Religion

Aug 29, 2022 - KREM2: Inslee, Murray recommend taking action to make breaching Snake River dams a 'viable option'

Aug 26, 2022 - OPB: Benefits of Snake River dams must be replaced before breaching to save salmon, report says

Aug 26, 2022 - Spokesman-Review: Murray and Inslee conclude breaching Snake River dams ‘not an option right now,’ while calling status quo unsustainable for salmon

Aug 26, 2022 - Seattle Times: Inslee, Murray say Snake River dam removal possible, but not yet

Aug 26, 2022 - Spokesman-Review: Snake River spring Chinook struggling like never before, feds decide against classifying them as ‘endangered’

Aug 25, 2022 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SNAKE RIVER: Energy, fishing, conservation groups respond to Sen. Murray’s & Gov. Inslee’s presumptive plan for dam replacement

Aug 16, 2022 - Tri-City Herald: ‘Who are we without salmon?’ Tribes gather along dammed Snake River to call for action

Aug 15, 2022 - The New York Times: Plaintiffs in Long Fight Over Endangered Salmon Hope a Resolution is near

Aug 5, 2022 - OPB: Groups seek pause in long-running Columbia River Basin salmon dispute

Aug 5, 2022 - Lewiston Morning Tribune: Salmon and dam talks get another year

Aug 4, 2022 - OPB and ProPublica: How the BPA is contributing to salmon’s decline in the Northwest

Jul 28, 2022 - NWNews: Federal report recommends breaching Lower Snake River dams to restore salmon

Jul 12, 2022 - Seattle Times: White House weighs in on Lower Snake River dam breaching in unusual power play

May 16, 2022 - Seattle Times: Indigenous carvers’ totem pole to journey across Pacific Northwest to bolster dam-removal movement

May 4, 2022 - The Bellingham Herald: ‘Spirit of the Waters’ totem pole journey begins. Here’s where you can see it

Apr 20, 2022 - E&E News: Climate activists put bull's-eye on hydropower dams in Wash.

Apr 5, 2022 - Moscow-Pullman Daily News: Officials seek change of course in wild salmon recovery

Apr 5, 2022 - The Olympian: Supporters march for salmon survival

Apr 5, 2022 - The News Tribune: Activists rally in Tacoma for Northwest salmon — next event is April 2 in Olympia

Mar 9, 2022 - NW News Network: Study says plans needed to replace Snake River dams power generation

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