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Save Our Wild Salmon

On the job and off

I support police reform, on and off shift.

My last two relationships were with police officers. Both included mental and emotional abuse, cheating, mood swings and a secret culture where their work buddies always had each other’s back, again, on and off shift. It is difficult, to say the least, to date someone who suffers from a working personality. I hope police departments look into the personal lives of their officers, in addition to annual mental health assessments.

It could save a lot of heartache, not to mention broken homes.

Rosaria Lindley


Summer of loss

... Summer is traditionally when we celebrate life, but now we grieve the loss of jobs, gatherings, graduations, our grandchildren’s hugs and, tragically, of loved ones. ...

For me, a Nimiipuu elder, COVID-19 triggers a painful reminder of a profound loss we as a people are experiencing. Forty years ago, Nimiipuu fishermen risked their lives in a standoff over the tribe’s right to fish for salmon when state officials closed the Rapid River hatchery fishery. Today, the fishery is closed once again.

This year’s adult chinook returns to the Rapid River hatchery are the lowest since fisheries biologists started using electronic tag data to track the fish. This year has also seen the lowest spring return of chinook salmon since 1999. ...

The Clearwater, lower Salmon, Rapid, and Little Salmon rivers are already closed to salmon fishing. Many hatcheries across the Pacific Northwest, tribal and non-tribal, are forecasting a shortage of broodstock for spawning the next generation. ...

Science supports what we the Nimiipuu have known for more than 10,000 years: ... Our cold, clean, fast-running rivers support a wide diversity of life.

Places along the river where we fished, the cool eddies and bends once shaded by trees and shrubs, have become hot and exposed with the industrialization of the river and construction of dams. Cooling the Columbia Basin’s rivers, aided by removing the four lower Snake River dams, will be essential if we are going to restore the natural health and abundance of our regions’ rivers. ...

Lucinda George Simpson


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