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Modernizing the Columbia River Treaty

ethics.conference.2014One River. Ethics Matter.

Earlier this spring, people gathered in Spokane with a diverse set of leaders and thinkers from the Columbia Basin, from the United States and Canada, including Native American and First Nations' people, to talk about the opportunity and imperatives as we begin an international process to bring the U.S. - Canada Columbia River Treaty into the 21st Century.

The day-long conference included discussions of history and policy, story-telling and remembrance, disruption and dislocation. The conference and speakers helped to set a context for the needs and challenges of modernizing the Treaty.

The following 20 minute video concentrates comments from many of the speakers and provides an excellent sense of the conference's tone and tenor.

Speakers include Matt Wynne, John Osborn, Bishops William Skylstad and Martin Wells, Virgil Seymour, Pauline Terbasket, Pat Ford, and many others.

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